“I weave Ayurveda, yoga, and creativity into my daily routine and inspire my clients and students to do the same. In working with clients, I suggest yoga poses to rejuvenate the body and mind, Ayurveda self-care practices to pamper the soul, and writing inspirations to stoke creativity.”  -Kellen Brugman




“I travel on a regular base throughout the year and it’s mostly long distance flights. When visiting Santa Barbara, I had the chance to take Kellen’s AyurYoga class. Between the jet lag and the adaptation of a new climate, air and space, it felt great to enter a session with an ayurvedic approach which helped me identify the different “unbalances” my body was going through because of the travel and recharge myself through the different postures Kellen was offering. The subject is so rich, I’m looking forward to continue this journey and learn more on the subject !!”

~Carole Proszowski, Paris

“Thank you so much for your wonderful presentations of Ayurvedic materials these past few weeks. It all is sooo interesting and basic wisdom. I appreciate your commitment, integrity and degree of knowledge, and of course your sense of humor.”

~Carolyn Dukes, Student at SBCC Wake Center

“Kellen’s gift is in her presence. Whether she is leading a yoga class, guiding a cleanse, or sharing her Ayurvedic knowledge over a cup of home-made chai, her authenticity and breadth of knowledge is life-giving to the people around her. It's impossible not to be shaped by this woman!  Her capacity to listen to life and pour wisdom from her heart has shaped so many of us. We are forever grateful!”

~lululemon store, Santa Barbara

“Kellen combines old school wisdom with hip and innovative ways of maintaining a yoga practice. I’ve had many teachers over the years and Kellen is a gifted and blessed yogini. I value her presence in the world and I am grateful for every opportunity to study with her.”

~Melinda Palacio, author of Ocotillo Dreams and How Fire Is a Story, Waiting

“Kellen is extraordinarily caring and takes a huge amount of time to write up detailed notes, diet recommendations and exercises. I highly recommend her.”

~Harry Massey, Founder of NES Health

"I am a student at the Wake Center and have just finished my first sessions of Ayurvedic Medicine and I fell in LOVE with it. Thank you for Kellen Brugman teaching the class. I found her a wonderful teacher and she makes the classes fun, natural and relaxing. I enjoyed it immeasurably."

~Liza Briem, Student at SBCC Wake Center