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New Moon Dreamscape Gathering

Join me for the first New Moon Dreamscape Gathering of 2015. It’s an excellent time to foster and nurture new year’s dreams and resolutions. The new moon is always a sacred time to set intentions for new beginnings. 

These gatherings include yoga, Ayurveda, pranayama, guided meditation, creative art ventures, and snacks. I consider these all to be vital elements for exploring the realms of adventures and new beginnings. 

At the time of the new moon, a sense of darkness and mystery occurs. The nature of darkness typically either causes fear, or creates a sense of mystery. Fear blocks our power to create. Mystery unlocks the power of wonder, which opens doors to new life adventures.

Join me each month as we gather to venture into the darkness and depths of the vast unknown. And set intentions for new beginnings in the form of vision boards, little poems, or doodle drawings.  

Before we embark on such creative ventures, we will do a short gentle flow yoga practice, transforming pranayama, and guided meditation, as these activities help remove obstacles to creativity. 

In Ayurveda, the unknown is called "Purusha" and it means the supreme space of pure divine unmanifested creative potential.  When we align with the unknown in a spirit of curiosity, we learn to honor it, rather than fear it. For the darkness is a magical time of reflection and fertile ground for creative transformation. 


* Gentle Yoga. Meditation. Ayurvedic Self-Care Tips. Creative Ventures.

* A serene, gorgeous place to reflect and set new personal intentions

* A space to explore, expand, and awaken your dreams and goals

* Tools and tips to ignite your powers of intuition and gumption

* Monthly gatherings create and align you with nature's powerful cycles

* Creative materials provided

* Ayurvedic teas and light snacks

* Studio in Santa Barbara. Directions provided at registration

Registration and Costs:

My studio space comfortably fits 8 for such gatherings. So, I recommend you register early. Please register by January 18. 

Cost is $15. Payment due at registration. Refunds can not be made after January 18, unless in case of emergency. 

You can also purchase a quarterly packet of New Moon Dreamscape Gatherings. This is a 3 month consecutive session, saves you $12, and helps create a fluid continuity in creating your new moon intentions dreamscape.  Cost for each quarterly session is $33, and payment is due 4 days before the session begins. 

For 2015, the 4 quarterly sessions are:

* The Winter Months of December, January and February

* The Spring Months of March, April and May

* The Summer Months of Jue, July and August

* The Autumn Months of September, October and November

Click here to register and make your payment, or if you have any questions. 

I look forward to creating magical, powerful, and meaningful new moon dreamscapes with you! Those who dare to dream and take care to make them manifest, experience amazing life adventures and learn how to navigate all aspects of life with a sense of curiosity, awareness, and joy. 

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