Yoga & Lifestyle Consult


Yoga & Lifestyle Consult


Seeking to customize your daily yoga routine so you are in sync with the seasons, or supporting a life change? Well, I can make that happen by creating a routine to support your health, well-being, and life goals.

Here’s what will happen in our initial 45 minute consult:

  • Assessment of posture and stress patterns in body

  • I will listen to your health concerns and fitness/lifestyle goals

  • My 18 years experience of assessing clients ensure you will know your areas of structural misalignment and which lifestyle activities contribute to stress in your body and mind.

  • I provide you 4-5 yoga poses to practice daily, thus creating the first baby steps you will make towards feeling better

  • Receive breathing practice(s) to reduce stress and support physical and mental/emotional body.

  • I’ll show you two vital marma (acu-pressure) points to enhance nourishing benefits in your yoga poses

  • Easy, effective and enjoyable self-care tips that support chosen yoga poses

  • Opportunity to receive savings on follow-up yoga sessions

For clients choosing to receive 2 or more follow-up sessions, you receive a hand-drawn customized yoga routine that supports your goals, as well as another yoga routine, the Sweet 16 Good Night Flow.

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