Ayurveda Lifestyle Consult


Ayurveda Lifestyle Consult


 Self-care is the most important element in health care.

Designing self-care roadmaps to help people step into the spotlight of their heart is what I do best. Weaving the science of Ayurveda and art of self-care, I create easy, effective, and enjoyable daily self-care routines, by infusing yoga with breath meditation, Ayurveda remedies, foods, herbs, essential oils, and creative journal prompts. 

Our hour together includes:

  • Consult to assess client's health history, concerns and goals

  • Determine client’s Ayurvedic constitution

  • Determine root cause of health/lifestyle imbalances

  • Easy and effective yoga and breathing self-care ritual

  • Aromatherapy treatment and essential oils recommendations

  • Ayurveda food guidelines and menu suggestions

  • Ayurveda herbal samples and recommendations , if appropriate

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