Lifestyle Consult Follow-up

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Lifestyle Consult Follow-up


Dead reckoning. It’s all about reflecting on where you are and where you want to go. Then chart the best course to reach your destination with clarity, ease and fun.

Ready to assess the Ayurveda Lifestyle suggestions from our initial consult? Well, I am here to listen to your daily self-care ritual experiences, and then craft enhancements or revisions.

In our half hour session I’ll help you continue navigating your self-care adventure path by:

  • Listening to you and looking at pulse to assess health and personal goals of Initial Ayurveda Lifestyle consultation

  • Determine current state of your doshas and assess obstacles blocking path to change and success

  • Administer essential oils to acupressure points to support nervous system

  • Give powerful and practical food, yoga & lifestyle suggestions

  • Provide more self-care suggestions to support your body, mind and emotions as you blaze & navigate new pathways to vitality and ease

  • Creative Journal Prompts to weave imagination and powers of unlimited possibility into daily self-care rituals

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