Enjoy a personal yoga session in the comfort of your home.

Unroll your yoga mat and unfold the map leading to life’s greatest treasures.

Vitality. Flexibility. Strength. Strong Immunity. Ease and peace of mind. Brilliant creativity.

Life’s greatest treasures. They are ready and waiting for you to discover them. The journey begins on your yoga mat, where releasing stress and limiting thoughts, you are free to set sail to manifest your wildest dreams.

Enjoy a personal yoga session in the comfort of your home, or at my gorgeous studio space. Whether you are taking your first steps on the mat, or have been on the yoga adventure trail for years, I can guide and support you through the life-transforming practice of yoga. I have 15 years experience working one on one with clients. My skills of anatomical alignment, intuition, and creativity help my clients experience deep transformations both on and off the mat.

I’ve worked with athletes, artists, musicians, college students, nurses, cancer patients, seniors, and corporations (lululemon, Lolë, Wachovia, Genesco, Vanderbilt Hospital) around the country. As a yoga teacher, I love educating, guiding, and encouraging clients through their personal practice.



  • An Initial Yoga Consultation to review health history, discuss concerns, and set an intention for our sessions
  • After the initial consult, following sessions include guiding you through your customized yoga routine and pranayama(breathing) practice
  • Sessions are enhanced with mindful adjustments and marma therapy to awaken and orchestrate your vital life force in the poses
  • Personalized yoga routine sheet that is hand drawn and includes energy alignment suggestions and words of inspiration
  • Use of organic Ayurvedic essential oils
  • Handout after each session that provides daily self-care Ayurveda and yoga suggestions to support your health and well-being concerns
  • Weekly personal inspirational emails to encourage you on your self-care adventure


  • Increased strength, flexibility, and range of motion
  • Lowers stress and anxiety
  • Refreshes and rejuvenates the body and mind
  • Improves athletic performance, digestion, hormonal balance, and sleep
  • Feel grounded, centered, and energized
  • Stokes creative inspiration

Hour or 90 minute sessions.

Group yoga sessions are available for special events such as bridal showers, family reunions, retreats, and corporate meetings.

“Kellen's yoga routine has taken my yoga to the next level. Now not only does yoga make me feel good but I have learned ways to integrate specific poses to address what is going on in my life, both physically and mentally. Kellen approaches her work with an incredible amount of care, compassion, understanding, and wisdom. Just being around Kellen truly inspires a more creative, loving, and self-expressed me."

-Yasmeen Farukh, Santa Barbara

“I contacted Kellen for a bachelorette weekend yoga class in Santa Barbara. We had a group of 5 women at all different yoga levels. Her teaching style allowed everyone to get what they needed out of the lesson. She is extremely knowledgeable and offered a personalized session. We focused on opening the heart, calming and centering. I highly recommend Kellen if you are celebrating a wedding or having an all girls weekend and want something active, yet relaxing. We all bonded and enjoyed doing a feel-good activity together. The bride-to-be said she was not into yoga prior, but now wants to take more yoga classes. Kellen is a great instructor! We all talked about how great we felt after, and look forward to taking another class when we are in Santa Barbara. Thank you, Kellen!!!”

-Shannon Areias Varty