An Ayurvedic “CAT” Scan


This soothing and rejuvenating treatment combines the healing therapies of yoga and Ayurveda. After doing an assessment of the state of each chakra, I will lead you through a guided meditation that uses yoga poses and breath to facilitate balance in the subtle body. First we will do a yoga pose for each chakra to rebalance the energetic flow in the chakra. Then a special pranayama sequence will address each chakra, as well as the vital organs associated with each chakra. This amazing breathing practice also brings clarity and calmness to the mind. The session ends with you relaxing on your yoga mat and receiving a marma chikitsa (acupressure based on Ayurveda) treatment that restores harmony to the chakras and nervous system.

Chakra alignment therapy balances the body on a physical, energetic, and spiritual level.  If the client wishes, I will also integrate mantra, crystals, essential oils, and tuning fork to further facilitate balancing, healing, and relaxation. Clients receive a handout of the poses and the pranayama sequence.

Balance your energy centers, get your wheels in motion and move into your best life experiences ever. Regain a sense of flow in the body, clarity in the mind, and peace in the spirit. Align your chakras and watch how your life flows with ease and joy.