Triphala - Rejuvenate and Detox Your Body


Triphala: The Wonder Herb for Gentle Daily Detoxing

Triphala (“the three fruits”) consists of three of the most important Ayurvedic herbs. They are haritaki, amalaki, and bibhitaki. Triphala is tridoshic, meaning it rejuvenates and pacifies vata, pitta, and kapha. 

Most folks know about triphala’s detoxing effect on the digestive and elimination system, as it is one of the best remedies for chronic or travel-related constipation. However triphala is an excellent way to gently and effectively detox and rejuvenate the entire body. It's especially effective cleansing liver and intestines of toxins. 

Taken daily, triphala rejuvenates the digestive system, improving assimilation and absorption of nutrients. It nourishes bones, teeth, hair and nails. Triphala, because it's three fruits, is also chock full of flavonoids and antioxidants. 

Recommendations Based on Personal Experience

Triphala is usually taken as a tea at bedtime. I favor taking Ayurvedic herbs in powder format, as I want to experience the first stage of digestion on my tongue. However, when my schedule gets busy or when I travel, I prefer the tablet form of Triphala. Also, some folks either don’t like the taste of herbs or prefer convenience of tablets. So, Maharishi Ayurveda offers this option, in the food supplement, Digest Tone. The tablets are easy to take, especially during summer travels.

When placing order at  Maharishi Ayurveda or (800.255.8332) mention my name at check out and receive savings. I recommend the products at Maharishi Ayurveda for several reasons. The herbs are organic and sustainably harvested. They work with farmers to ensure fair trade practices. And finally, the products are formulated by a Council of 80 Ayurvedic Physicians in accordance with ancient Vedic texts.

The Gift of Health

From an Ayurvedic standpoint, the three herbs in Triphala are as precious as gold, frankincense, and myrrh. When the digestive system is balanced, the body's other vital systems are nourished and supported.

When we experience balanced health, we are able to enjoy summertime travels and vacations.  Summer picnics and road trip snacks are better enjoyed when the digestion is strong and  balanced. 


Moving Through Life Changes with Love & Trust

Full moon. Rain showers. High surf.

A trinity of sacred light and holy waters.

The convergence of steady rain showers with the full moon, whose alluring glow causes tides to jitterbug closer to the shore, has been changing the appearance of Santa Barbara.

Already a gorgeous haven of gentle mountains, sea cliffs, stunning beaches, and mysterious coastal islands, Santa Barbara’s landscape is even more enchanting as a result of receiving blessings of much awaited rain showers.

Marine-layer clouds cover the mesa in a misty embrace. Only the tallest palms peek above the fog. Throughout the day, clouds curtsy, revealing petticoat blue skies. Awaiting their curtain call, hummingbirds descend upon butterfly bushes.

Low tides at Hendry’s Beach unveil long, green tendrils of kelp covering mussel-speckled rocks. High tides bring seawater closer to shore, offering treasure troves of seashells.

Along my courtyard fence, a bright green sentinel of succulents stands extra plump and happy. Along with the Manzanita trees, they look rejuvenated, transformed by recent rains.

Nature inherently knows to welcome change. She genuflects to the moon’s magnetism, rain showers, and ocean tides - sacred rhythms in all life changes and creative processes. It’s an eternal dance of dark & light, life & death, and mystery & faith.

When encountering creative droughts or life changes, this dance can either be a wonky two-step or graceful waltz. It’s vital to trust sacred rhythms such as movement & stillness, and mystery & revelation when writing a story, composing a song, or painting a canvas. Or in other sacred processes such as moving through a relationship or career change. Or releasing old fears and worries suffocating the soul which yearns for ease and joy.

Lately I’ve felt discontentment about a Mail Chimp drought and not sharing my writing for a few weeks. Observing nature these past few days, I’m reminded how the more I pause and genuflect to the rhythms of nature and my breath, the easier the landscape of my heart and blank journal page is transformed by sacred light and holy waters.

Sacred light in the form of the divine spark that eternally remains lit in the kindling of my childlike imagination. In this light, fear disappears like shadows at sunrise. Words appear with ease and joy, just as soft pinks and bashful blues appear in the sky over the ocean every morning and evening.

Holy waters herald divine transformations. In Santa Barbara, the sky opened and raindrops fell, softening the earth and new grass appeared. Likewise my heart opened, softened by teardrops and a steady practice of yoga and pranayama (breathing practices). Soon words fell on my blank journal page.

I believe by watching nature beautifully transform under the magic of moonlight and rain showers I could finally and gracefully, as the poet-mystic Van Morrison wrote, “let go into the mystery.”

Mystery is the divine grace and creative magic that is ever found in the moment of surrender.

Over the next few days, I invite you to seek out sacred light and holy waters. Watch moonbeams sparkle on dark waters or sleeping trees. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset.

Observe how the contrast of dark and light, allows light to become more brilliant. Offer gratitude to dark unknowns in your life, for they help your heart’s sacred light burn brighter. Bring your deepest heart’s desires into the light of love. Bless them with holy waters of trust.

When fear or worry creep in, pause, close your eyes, and listen to your breath. Try Bellows Breath or just do slow, steady, deep breathing with eyes closed for 3-4 minutes.  Observe emotions that appear on the shore of your heart. No judgment, just curiosity. Inhale love and trust. Exhale fear and worry. This is simple meditation and sacred prayer.

You are the bright moon in the vast sky.

You are the tides dancing with joy when life beckons change.

You were made to weather life changes and ride sea swells into the unknown with the ease and grace of dolphins.

Trust sacred light to cast away fears.

Trust holy waters to carry you to the tender shoreline of God’s embrace.

Happy new year and BIG hugs,