The Best Part of Waking Up

 Change Brews Up Venti Opportunity

This morning I took my car in for an oil change. I headed to Starbucks to work on my laptop until my car was ready. It was 8 o’clock, so I expected some sort of line. Upon opening the door, I encountered a Venti line of customers. It was bumper to bumper non-caffeinated folks who were running late to work.

To make things worse (for them) and interesting (for me), the barista announced that one of the Mastrena espresso machines was down. Her exact words were, “We have a situation here.” Suddenly the crowd went silent. Not even a mouse was stirring a mocha latte.

Taster’s Choice

Folks whose minds and colons were not yet awake due to not having their morning cup of joe, were suddenly faced with the instant coffee blues. (Shout out to the great songwriter Guy Clark for this phrase). A few people, clearly annoyed about the situation, started frothing and foaming at the mouth. The barista was safely behind the line of fire, protected by a long row of empty cups with names on them. Tossing up a white flag, she announced folks had the option to wait a little longer for their specialty drink or choose an already brewed coffee…for free!

Wait or choose something else.

One would think it would be an easy choice. Got time? Wait. Running late? Go free.

However, by the looks on the faces, it was clear most folks were attached to their regular morning coffee beverage. Faced with a sudden and unexpected change of routine, a choice was simply not an option.

Change – Good to the Last Drop

Being settled in a routine brings stability to life. However, being bound to a routine often creates attachment. Attachment to a job, person, bodyweight, or even our morning coffee can cause one’s daily grind to bind the mind. The magical thing about life is it’s always changing. The tragical thing about change is our persistence to the old and our resistance to the new.

The winds of change always stir up things and blow in new options and opportunities. These gusts challenge our “must” and invite us to adjust. Adjusting and adapting are necessary to not just surviving, but thriving, in life. Some changes beckon us to wait, some require us to let go of an expectation and choose something else.

Any change has the potential to create stress. Stress causes the body and mind to become unbalanced. One of the easiest and most effective ways to manage stress is with Pranayama – breathing exercises. My favorite is Nadi Shodhana – alternate nostril breath. Pranayama balances the body and mind. From a place of balance, a change of job, relationship, or morning coffee, will not throw us off center.

Wake Up and Breathe

A consistent pranayama practice reminds me how life’s winds of change are really just Divine weather patterns – cycles of natural change. They are opportunities to practice. Practice letting go of attachments and realizing there is always a choice and appreciating the power in a wait. Pranayama awakens my heart’s intelligence and allows my mind to harmonize with the Divine rhythms of life. The cycle of the breath is a cycle of natural change.

Our breathing cycle is perfectly balanced. The exhalation is the act of letting go. The inhalation is the act of welcoming in. And the pause between the inhale and the exhale is the act of waiting. Waiting in the pause of the space of unmanifested Divine potential. Pranayama is the best remedy for staying balanced during a change of life.

What is changing in your life this fall?

Are you being asked to wait or to choose something else?

Allow your breath to harmonize with the winds of change and awaken to the amazing possibilities that are blowing through the doorway of your open heart.

The best part of waking up is seeing potential and possibility in every change.