Winter Solstice New Moon

The Unknown: Pausing at Thresholds and Crossing Bridges


It is living in the Unknown,
that we discover our sturdiest support,
greatest talents, and sacred surprises.
Purusha, the Unknown, is the supreme unmanifested space
of pure divine creative potential.
— Kellen

The winter solstice and new moon converge tonight, December 21. The longest dark day of the year meets the darkest phase of the moon cycle.

The nature of darkness typically causes fear of the unknown, or creates a sense of mystery. Fear blocks our power to imagine and create. Mystery unlocks the power of wonder, which opens doors to new life adventures.

The unknown is always a portal of transformation and possibility.

In Ayurveda, the unknown is called "Purusha”. It means the supreme unmanifested space of pure divine creative potential. When aligned with the unknown in a spirit of curiosity, the dark can be a magical time of reflection, and fertile ground for creative transformation.

I don’t know the exact astrological and spiritual meanings of the solstice new moon convergence. All I know is it feels like a threshold and looks like a bridge.

A threshold is a safe place to pause and reflect one’s next move. A bridge is a structure that allows one to travel from one place to another, reaching a desired destination.

This solstice, consider pausing in the dark threshold and reflecting on what/who needs to be released and left behind. Then, set your sights on the light at the end of the bridge. The bridge that leads to the land of new opportunities and possibilities.

Perhaps you are contemplating a job change, feel stuck in a mental pattern, or sense a relationship needs to end. And you feel both beckoned and frightened by the dark territory ahead that is a change in landscape from the known to the unknown.

Now is the perfect time to venture forward. True and forever freedom exists when one steps forward, in courage and in fear, into the dark unknown. Whether one feels courageous or fearful when stepping into the dark, does not matter. What matters is the choice to step forward.

Moments of betwixt and between, like the winter solstice, are always a space between the darkest moment and the tiny emergence of light. It’s the place of pure divine creative potential.

Ayurveda, yoga, and writing help me venture into unknown realms in my life. They stoke my courage and ignite my inner light, the divine intuition in my heart, so I can best navigate through unknown frontiers.

Here’s some tips to help you pause at the threshold of the solstice and cross bridges of new opportunities.

Ways to Navigate In the Dark and Flourish In the Unknowns 

Roll Out Yoga Mat. Close eyes and move your body freestyle or in favorite poses. Observe space expanding in your body. Yoga removes stress clutter from the bones, tissues, and mind. Unchained from stress, we are free to move about with ease and beyond our wildest dreams.

Pause at the Threshold. Best done in the dark. Even better outside under star glimmer. Breathe through nose with slow, steady and deep breaths. Pranayama removes fear from the mind. The Practice: Exhale the scary unknown. Pause. Inhale the magical mystery. Pause. Exhale fear. Pause. Inhale courage. Pause. Repeat for 1-3 minutes.

The Creative Frontier. Get a blank sheet of paper and crayons or markers. Draw a big circle. Draw a big heart for bulls eye, then an arrow with tip touching heart. In heart write your top three big dreams for the new year. At the feathers on arrow, write your personal gifts and community resources that will help you manifest your dreams.

Cross A Bridge. Seek a footbridge in your town. At one end, pause and say goodbye to old thoughts, habits and relationships. Then walk across the bridge, stating the new aspects in your life you will create in 2015.  

Happy New Moon Winter Solstice y’all! Cheers to the holidays…the holy days. Celebrate the birth of a new year of unlimited creative possibilities.

BIG hugs,



“In the depths of dark unknown places,

your greatest treasures await,

ready to be discovered

when you leave old shores and harbors,

and dead reckon to new horizons.”