January New Moon

Darkest Before the Dawn of New Possibilities

"Evening rituals are powerful because they align us with the dark, quiet, mystic and hidden energies of our soul." -Kellen

There is now the dark moon in the sky. She has hidden her face from us and the stars are now the lone sentries at night. There is a sense of void and emptiness, like something has just dissolved. 

Last year my lunar love affair was with the full moon. Her bright and bold beauty. The way her light sparkles the night sky and would often awaken me from a full moon induced dream and seduce me to venture outside for a few moments. In her celestial spotlight, I felt a groovy jolt of badass.

Since last month, I got a new crush…the new moon. I am resonating more with the mystery of the dark and quiet night sky. The absence of moonlight in the night sky makes me walk slower and be more aware of my surroundings when I venture out into the evening.

Walk slower. Be more aware. Two vital elements for this gal who tends to forget the power and grace of slowing my pace at night and tucking in to a nourishing evening Ayurvedic bedtime routine. A routine that goes beyond massaging lotion on my feet and writing in my gratitude journal. One that includes a yoga pose, pranayama, and evening ritual to mindfully release any stress residue from the day and rejuvenate my nervous system BEFORE I dim the lights in my bunkhouse. 

New Moon Evening Ritual 

Either tonight or Tuesday night, step outside at dark and gaze into the sky. (If you get the early morning new moon stoke, do this at 5:14 am on Tuesday, as that is the official time of the new moon). And ask yourself, where do you most need to create a void…a pause…a sacred space in your daily routine? What needs to dissolve?

Then, reflect on your creative dreams and goals for 2015. In regards to your new resolutions, what feels like a dark unknown abyss where the fear and doubt goblins are lurking? What parts of the unknown in your creative adventure feels thrilling and liberating? 

Evening rituals are powerful because they align us with the dark, quiet, mystic, and hidden energies of our soul. Ayurveda has taught me the potency of a nightly bedtime routine to optimize my creativity. 

An Ayurvedic bedtime routine that incorporates gentle yoga, breath, self-care, and creative journalling is the perfect way to prepare the body and mind for sweet restful slumber. Also, by creating a sacred pause at bedtime, one experiences the power of basking in and creating from a space of emptiness. This helps one see a blank journal page or canvas, or the space between jobs or relationships,  is really just another form of "Purusha" - the unmanifested space of pure divine creative potential. 

Contact me if you would like to receive a special Ayurvedic self-care evening routine that dissolves stress in the nervous system and supports optimal creative potential in all aspects of your life. 

When our body and mind is void of stress, we naturally and easily see the creative potential and possiibilty in the unknown, rather than fear it. 

BIG hugs and enjoy the new moon!