August Full Moon

Moving From Madness to Radness

Today is the August full moon. I’ve read it’s an Aquarius full moon that has Jupiter squaring off with Uranus and the sun opposing Leo. I don’t know much about the astrological impact of it all; however, it sounds like some cool cosmic actions are happening in the celestial realm.

I do know when the Earth, Sun, and Moon are all aligned during a full moon, the water tides are significantly affected, with the gravitational pull being stronger. Hence, the high tides are very high, and the low tides are very low.

The moon influences the water element, whether it’s the body of the ocean or the body of man/woman. Tide charts and mood swings during the full moon flow in similar frequency patterns. It’s common knowledge the full moon can cause folks to feel and become more emotional. Hence, the high emotions can be very high, and the low emotions can be very low.

“Emotion”, from the latin “movere”, means “to move”.

Planets move. Tides move. Seasons move. This is the last full moon of summer, with summer moving out so autumn can move in.

Movement is the natural force (as in energy) in our Universe and planet that allows all life to transform and change. Like water, emotions are inherently connected with movement. Constricting movement, whether it’s a muscle or an emotion creates tension. Allowing movement creates a harmonic flow within the body and mind.

So, why when it comes to the natural force of our emotions, do so many of us attempt to avoid or stifle them? What makes it so challenging for folks, myself included, to allow emotions to ebb and flow? Why is it hard to enjoy the stoke of riding the waves of an emotion?

Some obstacles to expressing emotions are related to societal standards, family conditioning, and peer pressures. I also believe the element of fear plays a role -the fear of wiping out on an emotional wave. So, many people bail out and avoid connecting with an emotion. Or bail out on a loved one who wants to express an emotion.

Whatever the reason, now at the change of season, and with the power of the full moon energy shining upon you…now is a great time to begin changing the way you acknowledge and express your emotions.

So, how can we begin to allow emotions to ebb and flow with the grace of the ocean tides?

Connect with and observe your breath. In yoga, it’s called pranayama. Breathing is the tidal movement of the mental/emotional body.

Pranayama removes obstacles in the body and mind, allowing the body and mind to move with grace and ease.

Pranayama Full Moon Surf Session

  1. Sit outside in the moonbeams, facing the unveiled face of the August full moon. Remove the veils and masks you wear that cover your emotions, in order to “protect yourself”, “be strong”, or “keep it together”.
  2. As you gaze upon the moon, breathe slowly and deeply into the navel center. Listen to your breath. This is the song of your soul. It’s as sacred as the sound of the ocean and the hum of crickets.
  3. Watch the breath. Observe the flow of the inhalations and the exhalations. Notice how naturally the inhalation flows into the exhalation. Connect with the movement of the breath, and soon every cell in your body will harmonize with this rhythm. Your body and mind have no desire to hang onto the inhale or the exhale. The breath changes. It flows. It likes trying to catch a wave…you can’t. You can ride a wave. You can ride the breath. You can float on the water and you can float on the breath.
  4. Set an intention to allow any emotions that arise to be expressed. On the inhalation, welcome your emotions. On the exhalations, release the emotions.

(Note: this practice is also effective on Wednesday evening,

as the August full moon energy is still potent)

In the light of this full moon, with Jupiter squaring off with Uranus and the sun opposing Leo, let’s make an intention to shine full light onto our emotions. Let’s stop opposing them, and begin squaring off with them. Square off, in terms of acknowledging and processing emotions. Movere – to move.

Let us move with the moon, oceans and breath, and allow the changes of ALL things – seasons, relationships, and especially our emotions to ebb and flow, with the grace and ease of the full moon glow. Move from madness to radness.

It’s the last full moon of the summer. The night sky bids her fare thee well to the stars of summer. Trees, still adorned in full summer frocks of green, glimmer in the moonbeams. Nature dances from summer’s embrace into the arms of autumn.

Go out in the light of the full moon and express whatever is in your heart. Laugh. Cry. Sing. Shout. Be silent. Or howl. From the depths of your heart and the treasure cove of your soul, express your emotions under the light of the full moon.