All Aboard the Queen Mary for Yoga and Ayurveda

Stay in the harbor of Long Beach for a weekend…

and settle into the harbor of your soul for a lifetime!

Join me and other amazing experts, speakers and therapists in the alternative healthcare industry for a special weekend aboard the magical Queen Mary. Learn how to integrate natural healthcare practices into your daily routine. This event will provide you with vital information and empower you with knowledge on healing techniques such as holistic health, Ayurveda, yoga, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and Organic and Raw Foods.

I’ll be leading a Saturday morning AyurYoga Gentle Flow class on the ship’s Sun Deck. We will greet the rising sun as her morning rays stretch across the Pacific waters. Then, Saturday midmorning, I’ll talk about the importance of a Dinacharya, the Ayurvedic Daily Routine. When the storms of life set in and upset health and well-being, it is key to know how to navigate your way back to health and steadiness. You will learn easy, effective and enjoyable Ayurvedic lifestyle suggestions that will steer you back to the harbor of good health.

Later on Saturday afternoon, you can experience mini-Ayurvedic consultations with me. Learn your Ayurvedic constitution and how to use yoga, foods, lifestyle, and herbs to keep your doshas balanced. It’s a fantastic way to take your practice of self-care to a deeper level. Other healthcare experts will also be offering consultations and sessions.

Then on Sunday, I’ll be participating in a Practitioners Health Panel, “Doctor! Where’s My Cure!“. Moderated by Robert Scott Bell, and featuring Liam Scheff, Vaishali, Mary Helen Hensley, Dr. Paul Hoffmann, M.D., and myself. Participants get the chance to ask a wide spectrum of alternative healers about how to cure what ails you. In addition to empowering personal wholeness, these experts offer life saving wisdom on how to understand medical propaganda, the agenda of the pharmaceutical industry, and government agencies.

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This event offers the chance to learn how to better integrate the tools of self-care into your healthcare. I invite you to join me, either for the entire weekend, or come down for the yoga and Ayurveda I’ll be sharing on Saturday. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share yoga and Ayurveda aboard the legendary and majestic Queen Mary.

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At the launch of the Queen Mary, King George V shared a blessing which included these words, “…a ship with a name in the world, alive with beauty, energy and strength! May her life among great waters spread friendship among the nations!”

It is my intention that you always sail through life, alive with beauty, energy and strength.

Hope to see you aboard the Queen Mary this March 22-24!