A 5-Day Home Cleanse

Cleanse your body and mind. Awaken greater vitality and creativity in your life.

5 days to weave Ayurvedic cleanse tips into your daily life. 5 essential self-care elements to experience well-being for a lifetime.


The five essential elements for a successful cleanse. A cleanse where the benefits accrue and create a lifetime of health and creative rewards. 

Only 5 days? You may wonder if that's enough time to create healing changes in your body and life. I know from 12 years experience of doing Ayurvedic cleanses myself and with clients...it is! Little self-care therapies done with great awareness and sweet appreciation for yourself care powerful!

This cleanse combines the very best environments for a successful and meaningful cleanse.
For five days, you will create powerful life transformation in the comfort of your own home and at my serene studio, where we gather for yoga, guidance, encouragement, and fun creative activities. It’s the best of both worlds to rock your world!

The Ayurvedic Cleanse and Awaken Adventure 
is an easy, effective, and enjoyable personal experience that is guided, supported, and inspired each day by Kellen via emails and a private Facebook page. Participants also meet once before the cleanse and twice during cleanse week for yoga, Q&A sessions, and creative projects.


  • Ayurvedic Constitution Questionnaire and Cleanse Intentions Worksheet to prepare you for a successful and meaningful cleanse
  •  Initial Orientation Meet-up
  • Detailed cleanse guidebook to educate, inspire, and encourage you every step of the way
  • Morning and evening dinacharyas (daily routines). Yes, you will still have time for workouts, family, pets, and job.
  • Easy and delicious food guidelines and Ayurvedic recipes. Goal is to avoid or significantly minimize foods you know stress your body and mind.
  • 30 minute yoga and 15 minute breath meditation sessions on days 2 and 4. Following is a Q&A session to address your needs, group sharing, and a creative activity.
  • A 15-minute daily home yoga routine to support lymph flow, liver energy, digestion and elimination. Colorful hand drawn routine.
  • Instruction and handout on breathing practices to improve digestion and calm nervous system
  • Detoxifying Ayurvedic herbal blend to gently cleanse G.I. tract and purify liver
  • Ayurvedic Swag Bag™ of teas, KeVita, superfoods, and other goodies to support detoxing, nourishing, pampering, and fun on your cleanse and awaken adventure
  • Daily creative journal time in your Dinacharya Journal. One sentence. One paragraph. Or one page. I provide thought provoking and heart evoking journal prompts each morning of cleanse. Creative writing inspires you to go deeper into the adventure of uncovering your greatest potential in health, vitality, and creativity.
  • Plenty of guidance, support, and encouragement with morning emails offering Ayurvedic cleansing tips and inspirational quotes.
  • Access to private Ayurvedic Cleanse and Awaken Adventure Facebook page


  • Detox body and clear mind of clutter
  • Improve digestion
  • Rejuvenate vital organs
  • Increased energy
  • Radiant skin from nourishing abhyangha massages
  • Centered and calm mind
  • Release unhealthy habits
  • Learn ways to better listen to your intuition
  • Learn how to better take care of yourself using Ayurvedic self-care practices
  • Get ideas on how to stoke your creative spark


  • Initial Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation
  • Your personal well-being plan for the cleanse. A tailored map, crafted with care, offering unique suggestions based on your health needs and goals
  • A thirty minute Marma Bodywork Session
  • Two 10-minute Skype cleanse consults during the cleanse
  • Access to me via email during cleanse week for personal attention to questions and concerns.


Yoga sessions and group meet-ups are at a gorgeous yoga studio just north of downtown Santa Barbara. Location given upon registration.

Stay tuned for the dates for Fall 2015 cleanse.




(For non Santa Barbara residents, a satellite cleanse program is in the works and will be Fall 2015!)